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Where? Bratislava, Slovakia!
Join us for Hexathlon 29 .2. 2020
What is happening during weekend?

Hey international and cross-faction ruckers!

Few of us are preparing an unofficial GORUCK #BannerRuck event for you scheduled on the Friday before the Hexathlon.

Start 28.2.2020, cca 18:00

Stay tuned! More details about the meeting point, Ingress mission mosaic, and the route should come soon!

TG XF chat for the #BannerRuck is here

Agents, it’s time to move.

Perpetua Hexathlon on Saturday February 29, 2020 will present you with six challenges: complete them all and earn the in-app Hexathlon medal. More info 

Bratislava will host Mission Day on Sunday, 1.3.2020 !

More info

Grab your bags and weights, Agents, we’re playtesting a brand new rucking event on Sunday after Perpetua Hexathlon! 

More info


Here you can find some info about event.

Agents, it’s time to move. The Bratislava Perpetua Hexathlon on Saturday February 29, 2020 will present you with six challenges: complete them all and earn the in-app Hexathlon medal. Complete them and place in the top 10 percent for any single challenge, and earn the elite Hexathlon medal in addition! 

You will have 30 minutes to hack the check-in portal to receive your instructions, followed by 90 minutes to complete six individual challenges. Agents who complete all six challenges will receive the Perpetua medal; those who complete the Hexathlon and place in the top 10% in their city for any challenge will also receive the Elite version of the Hexathlon medal. 

It won’t affect Field Test Hexathlon badge anymore, and Field Test badge will remain its current status, as a commeomorative for 9/14 Field Test attendees.


1:00pm Group photo
1:30pm – 2:00pm Map Portal live National Theatre
2:00pm – 3:30pm Hexathlon Competition
??:?? Afterparty  (info comming soon)
Registration for Perpetua Hexathlon is now open and will close on February 29th at 1:30PM local time. 
Registration is through the in-app ticketing system.

Individual Challenges:

  1. Collect at least 6 Media Artifacts
  2. Make at least 36 successful portal hacks
  3. Deploy at least 30 Resonators
  4. Deploy at least 12 Mods
  5. Gain at least 30 Glyph Points
  6. Destroy at least 6 Resonators 

Visit Bratislava!

Best in Bratislava

we picked some best things for you, what to do / eat / dring or what places to visit


Beer Brewing in Pressburg, present-day Bratislava, has hundreds-year-old tradition. We picked for you best places with great Beer

See the list


Great bugrers, or you want to try something traditional? You want spectacular view? Here you can find some special, interesting places where you can get a great food! 

See the list


Not hungry and thirsty? Just want to walk around? Look at our list “must see” places 🙂 

See the list

If you want use taxi, or public transport, here you can find few info or adwices..


Deadline to order T-shirts is 3. February 2020!

And there is no deadline for Set Pin + cards, but there is limited amount of them!


There are no POCs for this events.
We don’t need to do this. But we did. For you. 


Buy us a beer 🙂 

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